Nike, Genealogy of Innovation

Promo film

The history of over 4 decades of Nike footwear in one film: “The genealogy of innovation”.
We were invited to take part in this great project by Golden Wolf team. MONO designed 3 out of 7 ‘ages’ of the genealogy: „ Golden Years“ (1999-2002), „Enlightenment“ (2003 – 2006) and the last one „Revolution“ (2014).


Sport, TV, Design, Branding


Creative direction: Ingi Erlingsson (Golden Wolf)
Producer: Ant Baena (Golden Wolf)
Animation & postproduction: Golden Wolf
Music and Sound design: Echoic Audio

MONO role in “Golden Years”, “Enlightenment”, “Revolution”: Art Direction, Design, Look Developement, 3D, Lighting, Shading, Compositing.